Wtc 1998 Pcgs Gem Unc Ground Zero Recovery $25 Dollar Gold Eagle Population 3

Wtc 1998 Pcgs Gem Unc Ground Zero Recovery $25 Dollar Gold Eagle Population 3
Wtc 1998 Pcgs Gem Unc Ground Zero Recovery $25 Dollar Gold Eagle Population 3

Wtc 1998 Pcgs Gem Unc Ground Zero Recovery $25 Dollar Gold Eagle Population 3

Is proud to say that we are the only dealer anywhere in the world that has a data base for just about every coin Recovered from the World Trade Center certified as authentic by the professional coin grading service. We've recently learned that. Is not intentionally withholding population numbers from the World Trade Center Recovered Coin numismatic community, it is just that they really do not have the information due to some internal issues during that time period.

They have the certification numbers on file, they just never separated the World Trade Center Coins during the certification process from the regular issues in their population report. It is unfortunate that some World Trade Center Coins certified by. Holding a grade of MS69 were not properly recorded in their data base due to human error but hey, no one is perfect. On a regular basis to get the coins they missed into their population report but it was too time consuming for both sides and we did not want to be a thorn on their side. And just kept track of all certification numbers as we found them along with pictures of the coins that got missed. We know that these coins are legitimate and not Chinese counterfeits. Has to date cataloged and verified over. World Trade Center Coins and consider ourselves an authority in this category. It has cost us over half million dollars and hundreds of hours to attain this information that we can proudly say is 100% accurate.

We started the World Trade Center Recovered coin data base with our computer program one month after their original release and know for a fact that some coins have traded hands 10 to 20 times over the years due to their increase in value and for a variety of other reasons. If you want to challenge us, send us the first four numbers of your certified World Trade Center Coin and we'll tell you the denomination and grade of your coin with a 5% margin of error but we do have your entire PCGS certification on file. The World Trade Center coins that we promote come with a. You will not get that guarantee from any other dealer anywhere in the world. Each and every WTC Coin is unique just like a fingerprint and that is why we always take individual pictures to show you what you are actually purchasing.

The coin you are considering is one of only three from the 40 coin roll sent to PCGS for authentication and the last one we have available. This coin caught us completely off guard when we learned of its true population. We took these off the market, put them away in our safe and completely forgot about them. This coin has been sitting in our safe for over fifteen years and now that we have accurate information, we are offering it to the numismatic community.

If you wanted one to complete your collection, here it is. For those that do not know, you can only assemble three complete World Trade Center. Gold Eagle sets consisting of the 1 ounce , 1/2 ounce , 1/4 ounce & 1/10th ounce. The years are 1998 , 1999 and 2001.

There is only one exception and that is the WTC 1999 Five Coin Gold Eagle Set of which only four exist and we have one of them left. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't fool yourself, this is probably the only chance you'll have to complete your four coin set. The last thing that we are going to mention is the fact that only 7 collectors will ever own a complete graded WTC 1998 Four Coin Gold Eagle Set due to the scarcity of one coin that we will list soon.

The picture you are seeing is of the actual coin you are considering and has not been altered with our picture program except to insert the beautiful background picture. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one you need to complete your set. When was the last time you saw one of these offered out on the internet?

If you would like to complete a WTC 1998 Four Coin Gold Eagle Set , here is your chance to acquire the "Second Key Coin" to the set and add it to your collection while it is still available. The pictures that we uploaded today are high resolution pictures so that you may scrutnize the coins every detail. There hasn't been one offered in the last ten years. It is apparent to many of us serious WTC numismatist that the coins were exposed to extreme temperatures and unimaginable conditions at Ground Zero in New York.

That is why they have the unusual discoloration and deep rich tones never seen on any other certified American Gold Eagle or at least that is our opinion! This particular piece does not show any of the aforementioned attributes but nevertheless, it is an amazing coin to own. We have been privileged to see first hand some coins that came out of the World Trade Center sent to us by collector in New York that were fused together by the extreme heat and some of the WTC coins exhibit those features. There are pictures of the collector in New York getting his coins out of his bank vault somewhere on the web.

Coin & Collectables thanks that collector for sharing his coins with us. This took place back in 2005 and the coins were promptly sent back to him after we photographed them. For any of you that would like to know If you ever wondered how these coins received their unusual toning and wicked discoloration, see what one expert jeweler had to say about it. In the Jewelry industry, when a professional jeweler makes any gold piece from scratch, the final color of the piece highly depends on the amount of copper added to the mix and the amount of heat used. This process actually explains the discoloration of some WTC Gold coins with the rich gold colors, rainbow toning and some other wicked colors only seen with recovered Gold & Silver coins.

Some of the Silver coins exhibit the same characteristics but in a different way. We will be listing some of those as well and explain it a little better in their item descriptions. The population for this coin is 100% accurate. Even though PCGS and the originators did not keep accurate records as to how many of what coins were encapsulated or what the pops are.

We now have that information at our fingertips. The information concerning any pop numbers is information that we have gathered over the last fifteen years and is 100% accurate. Either way you look at it, the coins are what they are, recovery pieces from the World Trade Center in New York City and pieces of world history. It is often said that every minted coin is a work of art and tells a story during its time period but very few coins that I know can tell a story with so very few words and intensity such as PCGS authenticated WTC recovered coins. A World Trade Center recovered coin does not only reveal one of the darkest days in world history where our brothers and sisters in New York suffered a tremendous loss but it also reminds us of the Heroes who gave their all saving the lives of many and giving up their own in the process.

A wealth of information can be found in a single WTC coin and hold a large crowd in awe and amazement when the story is told by its proud owner. These coins to some of us are absolutely priceless.

It has taken us since the initial release of these coins back in early 2002 and thousands of dollars to assemble the collection that we proudly own today. The coin in the picture is the one you will get.

As always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Item to be paid within three days of auctions closing. Please take into consideration that. "We are not a professional coin graders" If you disagree with the grade on the holder, you can take that up with the grading service and not So.

Our goal is to get you what you paid for and not have it cost you a penny more. SOME VERY IMPORTANT FACTORS THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BEFORE INVESTING IN THE RARE COIN MARKET. Is highly speculative and involves a substantial risk.

As in other markets, coin prices can be extremely volatile. Prices will rise and fall depending upon market conditions. Therefore, before purchasing coins, you should first have adequate cash reserves and other assets to absorb a potentially significant loss. The rate of appreciation in numismatics always depends on the demand for the coin, availability, current market conditions and the coins rarity. It may be necessary to hold coins for a 2 - 5 year period or maybe longer in order to have any chance of realizing its maximum potential gain. The item "WTC 1998 PCGS GEM UNC GROUND ZERO RECOVERY $25 DOLLAR GOLD EAGLE POPULATION 3" is in sale since Thursday, December 28, 2017. This item is in the category "Coins & Paper Money\Bullion\Gold\Coins". The seller is "imhoteppyramids" and is located in Escondido, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Wtc 1998 Pcgs Gem Unc Ground Zero Recovery $25 Dollar Gold Eagle Population 3